no-thing sounding


This website and the music are not about anything. There is no message, purpose, or intention. There is not even an attempt to create great art. There is simply an apparent expression, out of no-thing, which reflects the mystery of being, and the unknowability of “what is”. The music does not come from a personal need, is not for the person, and carries with it no personal message. The natural reality is unbounded and wild; free, pure, undirected energy, without beginning or end. The experience of the individual, autonomous person, with the story of free-will and choice, is a complete illusion. There is no separation. No distance. No real time or space. There is no one here writing these words and no one there reading them. There is only this immediate, timeless explosion of “what is” for no one, which has no meaning or purpose of any kind, and is therefore necessarily absolute freedom, pure anarchy. There is no control. This is chaos. This is perfection. This is the big bang. This is the singularity. This is paradise, already, for no one. The infinite choir of no-thing sounding.


Live From Nowhere